Active neighbourhoods

Diverse, active and continually adapting to meet the changing needs of all who use their buildings, streets and public spaces.

Our vision of the future

Mayfair and Belgravia are diverse, dynamic and adaptable neighbourhoods. They are interesting places to live in and explore, with a variety of activities taking place every day and throughout the seasons. Neighbourhoods retain their own diverse local characteristics. People of all ages, interests and incomes regularly enjoy the estate’s vibrant street life and cultural offer as well as its tranquil corners, benefitting from a wide range of amenities.

Existing buildings and spaces are used intensively but sensitively. Careful adaptation has created imaginative additional uses. Greater density in certain areas, particularly around transport hubs, meets the demands of a growing city.

New buildings are flexibly designed and therefore built to last. These flexible structures adapt to meet the demands of new and innovative forms of commercial, social and cultural activity. The mix of uses and people, supported by high-quality infrastructure, helps to secure Mayfair and Belgravia’s adaptability and resilience through the 21st century and beyond.