Better streets

Safer, cleaner and more pleasurable journeys for pedestrians and cyclists, on routes accessible by businesses and well-served by public transport.

Our vision of the future

Mayfair & Belgravia have a network of connections that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists. The estate is easy, safe and pleasurable to travel across and explore, and arriving via the major roads at its edges is simple. Striking townscape vistas are emphasised at street level, aiding intuitive navigation.

Vehicles retain access to the estate, but traffic levels passing through it have been substantially reduced, improving the experience for cyclists and pedestrians and keeping businesses serviced. The Elizabeth line and other investments in public transport have significantly improved connections to and from the estate.

Most roads put the needs of pedestrians and cyclists over motorised traffic, while others are traffic-free on a permanent or temporary basis. Electric and autonomous vehicles are provided for, and commercial deliveries and waste collection have been consolidated.