Enterprising places

Businesses of all sizes, cutting-edge retail and a world-class cultural offer in places that encourage co-working, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Our vision of the future

Workspaces in Mayfair & Belgravia strengthen enterprise by responding to the changing needs and aspirations of businesses, workers and residents. Office clusters range from the highest quality traditional office spaces to more flexible space on affordable tenures. The estate attracts both young and established organisations, creating a complementary community that allows businesses to thrive with co-working, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The estate is at the forefront of retailing trends, providing the street life and digital conditions for new forms of retail to succeed alongside the traditional. The estate is a global centre for art and culture and also hosts leading creative productions, with a flourishing network of designers and makers. Clusters of cultural initiatives, retailers and designers benefit from opportunities to connect and collaborate.