Integrated districts

Better connected, outward-facing and tied to the success of surrounding parts of London, easy for all to reach, explore and enjoy.

Our vision of the future

Mayfair & Belgravia are integrated and productive parts of a global city, attracting and hosting jobs, investment and interest. They draw people in from the wider West End and London. Physically, they are easy to access. They benefit from clear signage that encourages walking and have attractive public spaces that are welcoming to all, including those with greater accessibility needs. Activity links the edges of Mayfair & Belgravia to their hearts and encourages people to explore.

The estate’s streets host places to visit, eat, drink, shop and relax, which complement those found in surrounding areas. These places create compelling connections between the estate, its neighbours and the wider West End so that the estate is open and outward-facing.

People enter frequently and easily from surrounding places including Knightsbridge, Victoria, Hyde Park and Oxford Street. Some people are drawn to the estate’s own outstanding attractions, while others enjoy the benefit of convenient and pleasant routes providing links to other destinations.