Shaping the square

At the heart of Mayfair, in the West End, Grosvenor Square has a rich history that can be traced back to 1726. When created, it was the first of its kind in London and caused a sensation. Local residents and visitors marvelled at its wonderful, classically-inspired landscaping. A piece of the country in the city.

Almost three centuries on, we want to reawaken this sense of wonder and secure a bright and sustainable future for this celebrated, green space.

We are gathering public opinion about what a great 21st century urban garden, larger than Trafalgar Square, can and should be.

We will poll 1,000 Londoners and interview locals and visitors.

We will then run an international, professional competition inspired by the responses to find the best way to make Grosvenor Square "sensational" once again.

"Shaping the square" will require the views of many.

Watch this space, or rather, watch this square.


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